Rikici Ya Dawo Sabo !Bidiyon Tsiraici : Deezell Ya Maka Maryam Booth A Kotu

A yau dai ne shafin Hausaloaded.com ya samu wani labarin daga shafin Deezell cewa ya makata a kotu domin a bincike mutane shidda a kotu.
1.maryam Booth
2. Maryam Aliyu Korade (@madam_korade)
3Sarki @waspapping
4.Imam anas @itz_imaam
5 . Auwal fulani @skinnyBoi001

Wadannan sune wanda wannan shahara mawakin ya maka kotu wanda yana so a jami’an tsaro su kamasu domin bincike su akan kazafin da sunka yimasa yayi gargadin cewa ba shi bane.
Duk wanda ya ce shine ya goge sunansa kuma ya nemi afuwarsa wasu sunyi hakam wadannan sune basu yi ba.
Shine wannan mawakin ya makasu a kotu domin kawo hujjojinsa na cewa shine ya fitar da wannan bidiyo na Tsiraici na jaruma Maryma booth.

Earlier this week, I issued two statements distancing myself from the outrageous malicious accusations leveled against me. On both occasions, I demanded immediate statement withdrawal and apology from the perpetrators. Since then, I have seen some posts and received messages where some publicly withdrew their allegations and apologized while several others refused to do so. Now, after proper consultation with my United States Attorneys along with my Nigerian Lawyers, I HAVE SUED FOR CRIMINAL DEFAMATION, Inciting Public Disturbance, Criminal Conspiracy, Insulting and Abusive Language, Joint Act, Injury of Mind, Voluntary & Cyber-Stalking, pursuant to the relevant provisions of the law. The Court has ordered the Nigeria Police Force to investigate the full identities and report with details of the respondents, most particularly the 3rd – 7th, while several other perpetrators not listed therein shall be joined as parties to the suit in due course. See you all in Court.
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