Thursday, 13 December 2018

CREW: One National Star Group Description and Photos

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Assalam alaikum warahamatullahi ta,ala wabarakatuhu,,,,i we are greeting all people of this universe,and we believed that anything has time but god time is the best,we worked with time that is why,we brought continuity of the nation that comes with the message of,peace,respect honest,and integrity of the nation, that is why we     make our self one,to build goodness on our society with all nation,,that is why found a group that instrumentally comes with the name ,,,,,,ONE NATIONAL STAR GROUP,,, we thank Allah on his mercy to make us moved on a
Reflect way of what is good and may Allah guide us against our enemies and treacherous es on our movement and may Allah intercept incoming illiterate word  when meeting and every where we are ,by I shamsudeen,etc  maharazu the chairman of the group ,,masha,allah.

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