Saturday, 17 March 2018

Sakon Bello Muhammad Bello General BMB Zuwa Ga Ali Nuhu A Ranar Birthday Dinsa

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"In Bollywood @official_shahrukh_khan is the king of Bollywood and regardless of that, he respects @amitabh_bachan_official each time destiny crosses their paths to the extend of touching his feet seeking for blessings even after knowing that he is now the legitimate owner of the crown. I'm a living witness that there was a time when Ali Nuhu's pics and praises were 80 percent out of 100 on @adam_a_zango 's page just because he respects him to the core and consider him as one of those who contributed to his emergence and success, da Ali rike girmanshi wallahi the same treatment kowa zai dingab bashi, kuma Wallahi ban taba kiranshi da sunan shiba saboda ina girmama duk wani wanda ya rigani zuwa masanatar film kuma wallahi bai fini yawan shekaru a duniya ba, amma bana daina respecting dinshi saboda ya rigani zuwa masanantar film, but unfortunately, Ali refused to maintain his status and said all sorts of nasty things about @adamu_a_ zango that too on film set, unknown to him some @adam_a_zango 's die hard fans recorded the gossip and played everything thing to @adam_a_zango. For those of you who are ignorant about the bone of contention, now you heard everything from
@generalbmb Please don't be angry with what I'm about to say.. Since we are practicing democracy not dictatorship, It's high time we conduct an election for this crown. With all due respect, I am hereby declaring my intention to contest for this precious Kannywood crown. No insult please, I'm tired of blocking those who openly criticize and insult me for no good reason.
#weneedfreeandfairelectionforkannywoodcrown . Funny but true ko? ALLAH ya karawa Sarki Ali Nuhu lafiya but prepare for election. FANS KUYI HAKURI DA YAWAN SURUTAINA, WALLAHI ALLAH NE YA YINI HAKA, BANA IYA BOYE MAGANA DOMIN BOYE GASKIYA HARAMUN NE. ONCE AGAIN, INA KARA BAIWA MASOYANA DA MASOYAN ZANGO DA MASAMOYAN ALI NUHU HAKURI. I LIKE JOKES BUT THIS TIME I'M SERIOUS. Thanks for taking your time to read. " inji General BMB

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