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Jarumi Ali Nuhu ya fitar da sunayen mutane 12 da a ganinsa suka fi taka rawar gani a Kannywood a shekara ta 2017

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MY KANNYWOOD PEOPLE OF THE YEAR 2017 : We toil hard in the Industry to maintain our careers round the year but some people stand out for some reasons. Here is a list of my colleagues that have really impressed me in the year 2017.

Yakubu Muhammad : Having successfully crossed over to Nollywood, he left no stone unturned moving from the highly acclaimed and successful SONS OF THE CALIPHATE to the socially relevant MTV SHUGA.He also clinched major roles in A rated nollywood movies like Kunle Afolayan's TENANTS OF THE HOUSE.

Rahama Sadau : Despite a lot of controversies and a year long ban, she kept the flag flying with loudly acclaimed performances in movies like RARIYA,TATU, HAKKUNDE et al.With a strong heart and passion for the profession the future looks bright for her.

Aminu Bono : A very hardworking and industrious person from childhood.He has successfully built the Bihar Empire keeping a lot of youths  like Umar Khan, Sukairaju Yusuf, Hannatu Bashir and many more busy in the year 2017.Bihar might be considered a rival to Tamil but healthy competition is allowed in the movie industry.

Sunusi Oscar : He started the trend of promoting the youths coining the Tamil Nadu title from his style of work. So many young actors like  Garzali Miko, Misbahu Aka Anfara, Bilkisu Abdullahi, Bilksu Shema,Sabira  and many more are gradually becoming forces to reckon with under his mentorship.2017 was a busy year for him.

Iyantama : An all time progressive with a spate of successful movies from his gigantic company IYANTAMA MULTIMEDIA.Having join forces with Director Hafizu Bello in producing some movies with strong social messages, he has done a lot for the Industry in the year 2017.With the movies DAN BAIWA, HAKKI and many more in his kitty, more veterans like him need to make a comeback to make the Industry great again.

Ado Gwanja : The easy going singer cum actor who got his break in PZ Production's DANKUKA rose to become one of the busiest actors in the year 2017 and the most sought after entertainer for events in Northern Nigeria churning out hit after hit from KUJERAR TSAKAR GIDA to INDOSA.

Maryam Yahaya: Stepping into the Industry with a controversy, this starlet got a break in FKD Production's MANSOOR consolidating her position with her acting power in MIJIN YARINYA and has held strong moving from set to set all year round.ADAMUN ADAMA, HAJJAJU, MARIYA, ARASHI, GIDA UKU, LARAI KO JUMMAI and FADILATU are a few of the movies she has in her kitty.She rose quickly to become one of the most influential actresses on social media, loved by many people and the first in her pairs to clinch an endorsement deal "the FRU FRU ambasaador"

Garzali Miko: A protege of FKD Production and Oscar International crossed over as a crew member on movie sets in Kannywood to becoming an actor. Garzali Miko got his break with a spate of songs that became hits like IDAN ANA DARA, HASASHE,ARASHI before the release of movies like MANSOOR.He has so many movies on the way including RABU DA MAZA, MARIYA, LARAI KO JUMMAI, ARASHI, AKUSHI, HASEENA and a lot more.

Abubakar AB Mai Shadda : Popularly known as the Gentle Giant Producer, his keen interest for the movies brought him close to the Industry.Under the mentorship of Abba Miko and Hafizu Bello he found his path as a producer. Now rated as kannywood's most influential producer on social media, the publicity and reach  of movies like KALAN DANGI, KANWAR DUBARUDU and THIS IS THE WAY can testify to that.He is set to start the year with MARIYA, ANA DARA GA DARE YA YI, KA YI NA YI and others

Umar M Shareef : Presently the most sought after singer in kannywood the highest number of hits in a row including HASASHE, RARIYA, MANSOOR, HISABI, ZAN RAYU DA KE, KIN SHIGA RAINA and BA KA YI MIN BA.Also venturing into acting with a big break in the movie MANSOOR he proved himself. and is now looking forward to MARIYA, ZAINABU ABU and SHARAFI and his video album TSINTUWA.

Abba Elmustapha : After a comeback with a bang in MANSOOR, he became a one of the most sought after actors in the year 2017.His delivery in THIS IS THE WAY can give the best actors in the Industry a run for their money.Veterans like this shouldn't take a long break from the Industry because they are needed here.He has TAQADDAMA, IN DA RAI, MARIYA and many more to his credit.

Sani Sule : The head hancho of Rite Time Multimedia bank rolled a gigantic movie SARAUNIYA at a time most Executive Producers were not confident to finance such kind of projects.He is currently gearing up for yet another big budget movie KALLA the sequel to the highly acclaimed movie HINDU.Loved and respected by a lot of people in the industry mostly the youths for he provides so many job opportunities with the TV series and Films he sponsors.

Best wishes to them all as the new year sets in.

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