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See 3 STRONG Reasons Why Mesut Ozil Should Leave Arsenal For Man United In January ( Must Read)

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Arsenal fans will be angry at everything of this article but there is a saying that the ‘truth is bitter’.
Mesut Ozil is too much for Arsenal especially as the club have failed to match his ambitions since he joined in 2013.
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger told the press today that the 28-year old German international could leave in January.
He should really leave. And not outside England, but for Arsenal’s arch enemy Manchester United!!!

Those are reason lists 4 reasons why:

1- Ozil Will Win More Trophies At Manchester United
In Manchester United, money is not the problem and success is a priority, Ozil will thrive at Old Trafford, surrounded with world class players with a goal to win trophies every season, unlike at Arsenal where there is always a big room for failure

2- Jose Mourinho Will Make Him A Better Player
Has Mesut Ozil improved at Arsenal since he left Real Madrid? No. In big games, he goes invisible and is only able to perform against small teams. The reason for this is Arsene Wenger’s soft hands.
Wenger is too afraid to criticise his players and that affects them mentally. No wonder Ozil is lazy.
But, sorry, Mourinho won’t accept laziness from his players.

3- Ozil Will Finally Win The Premier League
After 5 unsuccessful years of trying, Ozil has a better chance of winning the Premier League title at a club like Manchester United over Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger, a once great manager, has refused to adapt to the ‘new school’ method of operation in football and it is no surprise that he has not won the League since 2004, more disturbing is many of his top players that left him have achieved that feat elsewhere.
Remember Cesc Fabregas ? He became a Premier League winner when he left Arsenal.
Sami Nasri too. Robin van Persie is also included to this list.
So what is Mesut Ozil waiting for??!

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