Friday, 29 September 2017

Barcelona To Join English Premier League, Ligue 1 Or Serie A

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Barcelona FC could look at joining the Premier League, Ligue 1 or Serie A if Catalan independence is secured.
The region is set for a controversial referendum on Sunday, with Catalunya seeking to be recognized as a nation in its own right.

However, the Spanish government has deemed the process illegal, with ballot boxes being seized and prime minister Mariano declaring that the vote “won’t happen.”
Catalan natives are pressing ahead with their proposal, and that includes a plan of action for sporting clubs should a new country be formed.

Clubs such as Barcelona, Espanyol and Girona would all face an uncertainty after the independence, but the region’s Sports Minister, Gerard Figueras believes that there are plenty of intriguing options to explore.

He told reporters, “In the case of independence, Catalan teams in La Liga – Barcelona, Espanyol and Girona – will have to decide where they want to play in the Spanish league or a neighbouring country like Italy, France or the Premier League.
“Now in Spain there teams from other countries who play in national leagues: clubs from Andorra in football and basketball.

“Monaco play in France, in England Welsh clubs. I don’t think that UEFA has anything against seeing another club play in a different league from their country.”

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