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Ten (10) Sickness Of The Heart - Dr Zakir Naik

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10. Sickness Of The Heart

1.You believe in ALLAH but you don't fulfill His command.

2.You say that you love the Prophet ( صلی اللہُ علیہِ و آلہِ وسلمِ) but you don't follow his Sunnah.

3.You read the noble Quran but u don't put it into practice.

4.You enjoy all the benefits() from ALLAH but you're not grateful to Him.

5.You acknowledge shaitan as your enemy but you don't go against him.

6.You want to enter Paradise but you don't work for it.

7.You don't want to enter Hell-Fire but you don't try to run away from it.

8.You believe that every living thing will face death but you're not preparing for it.

9.You gossip & find faults in others but you forget your own faults.

10.You bury the Dead but you don't take a lesson from it.

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